Our Technology

CORiTEC 350i Loader

  1. What is the CORiTEC 350i Loader?

    The CORiTEC 350i Loader is a one-piece machine frame made of polymer concrete provides maximum stability for vibration-free processing. The high-defi nition, dynamic servo motors with absolute measuring systems increase processing speed by up to 20% while maintaining optimum precision. This makes the CORiTEC 350i PRO suitable for the highest demands of a dental lab or milling center in a very compact design. The CORiTEC 350i PRO is able to process any CAD/CAM materials.

  2. Why we use the CORiTEC 350i Loader?

    The machine’s precision also allows the processing of highly complex restorations such as one-piece implant retained constructions. The standard blank depot makes it possible to process restorations using the 5-axis process with tilt angles of up to 30 degrees. The optional zero point clamping system allows the CORiTEC 350i to easily change the blank Of the complete blank holder by the push of a button. In addition, the zero point clamping system can be used in a variety of diff erent ways and Adapter systems, e.g. The 15-time premilled Abutments Adaper or the Baltic Denture System. The CORiTEC 350i Loader is also equipped with a fully automatic blank changer (for up to 12 blanks).

Freedom HD Scanner

  1. What is a Freedom HD Scanner?

    Freedom HD is a completely unique system as compared to other conventional system. Stable Scan Stage (SSS) method with moving camera technology allows you scan without any fixture or adhesive.

  2. Why we use the Freedom HD?

    Conventional scanners need to mount models with fixture or clays, and they are not only tedious and messy but also time consuming.
    Freedom’s patented SSS Method with moving camera technology enables camera and light module to rotate around the center of scanning stage and keeps your models stable while scanning.

EnvisionTec Vida 3D Printer

  1. What is the EnvisionTec Vida 3D Printer?

    The Vida is a open-architecture, easy-to-maintain and user-friendly 3D printer for a wide variety of professional and medical applications.

    The Vida boasts a high-resolution projector running at 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution with custom UV optics. Once the print job is pre-processed on a computer housing the Perfactory software suite, it is transferred to the machine via Ethernet or USB and can run independently without the need for continuous connection to the pre-processing computer.

  2. Why we use the EnvisionTec Vida 3D Printer?

    The surface quality of the printed models allows for production with no signs of stairstepping, unlike the visibility when using competing technologies. The versatility of the Vida allows for an impressive range of materials to be processed, giving users the ability to 3D print a wide variety of dental, orthodontic, hearing and other applications.